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Trademark Registration

Trademark are name, symbol, sign, and design used as an identity of an individual, organization or company on goods and services owned to distinguish with other service products. The company has a right to the trademark; if you have a product to sell then the brand must stick to your product. Trademark must be maintained from plagiarism then company must make company registration to government. Many registration companies agent can help you on this issue; you can look it on the internet and visit the official website.

Company registration is one of the important steps in protecting corporate wealth, especially trademark and company name. If the company owner does not do the company registration then the trademark will be weak because it does not have legal protection in other words your trademark is illegal. The most dangerous thing is your trademark or company name easy to replicate.

If there are other companies issuing the same trademark as yours then your product will be difficult to expand. Do a company registration early! so that your company name is not destroyed. Do not wait until your trademark becomes famous because you will be preceded by other companies, the opportunity to grow the business will be hindered. The Government will reject other similar or confusing trademarks if you have registered trademark earlier.

Other benefits you can get from trademark registration benefits include:

  1. Trademark registration means the meaning of an official announcement. The announcement was able to beat other trademarks to be registered.
  2. Trademark registration has legal value. The trademark owner is entitled to file a law violation action against the same trademark from another company.
  3. The legitimate brand owner may make trademarks a means of obtaining redress or other breach of a trademark that has been committed by another company.
  4. Registered trademarks can use the mark for all products sold throughout the country.
  5. Your company name and trademark will always be safe from plagiarism.
  6. Trademarks registered with lawful may be the basis for confiscation of unauthorized registered counterfeit trademarks. True trademarks are also able to attract consumer confidence.

Keep your company’s name by registering trademarks with authorized institutions in your country such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Each country has a separate rule about trademark registration, and then the owner of the company better understand the law of the company registration. If you cannot afford to do it yourself please work with the most common and popular corporate legal entities in your country. They will help you register a private limited company, a one-person company, a producer or a subsidiary company. Get a free consultation for registration of private limited companies and business startups by scheduling appointments with Counsel.